How I Sweat

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Exercise has become a way of life for me, so much so that if I don’t do it I get irritable,  but it hasn’t always been this way…

Although I am naturally have a fast metabolism, exercise was never at the front of my mind before I was 18 and I never did any exercise at all. Until one summer I saw a photo of myself in a bikini and noticed that while I didn’t need to lose weight I really needed to tone my body. So I started to run. The first time I went running I could barely manage 1 minute straight without doubling over completely out of breath. I persevered  and accepted the challenge I gave my self to slowly be able to run further and longer. I started off running once a week but quickly increased it to twice a week. It was an up hill battle from then on to increase my fitness, but about two years later I found myself  running  for 3 hours without stopping.

At this point I was including cross training (light weights, core workouts) into my workouts as well as running but I still did not have a gym membership. So I decided to join my local gym and thats when I really started to notice a difference. Although my legs were now very toned from all the running my upper body needed help. With the use of weights, machines, and classes I saw my fitness increase even more. Since then I have also discovered cycling and spinning so my exercise has become very rounded and is a mix of running, cycling, and gym classes. My body gets very used to exercise after a while and if I want to continue seeing results I need to continuously mix it up.

So now I average 5 days a week of at least an hour’s exercise, but aim to do something everyday if possible and I am currently training to compete in Duathlons (combined running and cycling races).

Throughout my journey I have and will continue to learn things about health and my body, and although I have learned to love exercise I still have days where I find it hard as hell to get out of bed. But my secret and  biggest motivator this whole journey has been goals and results. The second you set a goal and start to see results you will motivated to carry on. It generally takes 4 weeks to start seeing results in yourself, so get started on your journey! No excuses, JUST DO IT!



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