What I Eat


When a conversation turns to nutrition and health, many of my friends and people I meet are always interested in my diet.  As I am writing a health blog I couldn’t not tell you what I eat while telling you what I think you should eat….

So, I first became a vegeterian when I was 11 when I realised I didn’t want to eat animals. As I was learning on the job so to say, I became quite anaemic and went back and forth to eating meat a couple of times until I was 18 and haven’t eaten meat since.  As a child who spent her first 6 years in Switzerland the ‘Land of the Cheese’, I was a bit of a cheese fiend. But I also got colds a lot and found them very hard to shake, so my mother traipsed me along to many different  western and eastern doctors. Their conclusion was always that I should stop eating dairy products. “STOP EATING CHEESE!?”. I was incredulous and probably feeling like you are right now if you’re a cheese lover thinking about never eating cheese again. But when I turned 22 after a long cheese fuelled skiing trip where the French don’t believe in vegetarianism, I decided to abstain from dairy for a while. Originally the goal was to get through one week without milk/cheese/butter/chocolate but after breezing through it and reading more and more about the health benefits and feeling better myself I continued and have not eaten dairy products since. I’m now 25.  I call myself a vegan, but I eat eggs, honey and wear leather etc, which probably makes other vegans angry.  I am a vegan primarily for the health benefits but I also do not agree with the way in which dairy products are produced (cramped conditions, hormone full animal feed and unnecessary stress on the animals). I should point out now that I have never been one of those people who forces my views onto people or tries to make people feel bad for eating meat, if anything, i’m so worried that people will think that i’m an awful preacher  that I usually try to skirt the subject. So don’t worry, this blog is not about making you feel bad, I’m trying to make people more healthy. I also, as of recently do not eat wheat, so that is no conventional pasta/bread/ wraps/cereals/biscuits/crackers and I try to give sugar a wide berth so no sweets/added sugar/fizzy drinks etc.

About now in the conversation,  I hear you asking “what exactly do you eat then?”

Well vegetables and fruit are my best friends, I love them. I would happily eat a big bowl of broccoli for dinner and nothing else. I’m sure that to some people that idea fills them with horror but eating healthy is all about how you dress the food. I promise it does not have to taste bland. I also eat lots of grains and pulses such as Quinoa, chickpeas, beans and lentils.

The next question I am asked without fail is  “but aren’t you always hungry?”.

The answer is no, and that it because I eat a hugh amount in quantity. Where one might have a handful of green beans with your dinner I will eat the whole bag. And trust me, I do a lot of exercise and I have plenty of energy.

This is what my usual daily diet looks like:


6 Strawberries

Handful of blueberries

1 apple

Chopped into a bowl sprinkled with chia seeds, hemp seeds, oats and cinnamon.

Ginseng Tea

Post Workout Snack:

A piece of fruit

2 slice of rye bread with dip

Green Tea


Usually 2 x Marks and Spencers  little salads or a soup (sometimes both)

A big pot of mango or pineapple (This is the last piece of fruit for the day)


Handful of nuts

carrot and hoummus


On good days I will make either:

A big bowl of steamed vegetables with 1 whole broccoli,  a bag of green beans and 2 big handfuls of broad beans. Drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce

and a slice of rye bread


A very big salad with a bag of salad leaves, baby tomatoes, artichokes, beetroots, green beans, avocado and egg.

On days that I fancy something more substanstial, maybe:

Vegetarian fajitas (wheat free, no cheese, no sour cream)

Thai green veggie curry (eaten with quinoa instead of rice)

A big roasting tin full of roasted vegetables – courgettes, aubergines, butternut squash, peppers, onions, tomatoes.

This blog is not about getting you to eat like me, but hopefully to inspire you to eat more fruit and veg and to generally be more aware of your health and in tune with your body.  If you don’t like vegetable you need to learn to like them asap because  you will not be able to achieve good health or a good body without consuming them. I promise that if you do start to incorporate more fresh, whole foods in your diet you will notice dramatics differences especially in your energy levels, your skin and your body shape.

So stay tuned for recipes, ideas, help and advice on my favourite subject – Nutrition!


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