Just do It – Start running


As running was the exercise of choice at the start of my exercise lifestyle I thought I would share some tips for you to get started or to continue if you are already on your way.

Running Rules

1. Always wear good trainers specifically designed for running

2. Always wear a supportive sports bra

These rules are non negotiable. What would be the point of your new hard earned body only to have saggy boobs and bad knees, need I say more?

The best place in my opinion to get kitted out is at a  Sweatshop store (www.sweatshop.co.uk).  Included in the price of the trainers is a special process to help you choose the correct trainers for you and to have a sports bra fitted. Walking on a treadmill barefoot will determine whether you strike the ground heel first or the ball of your foot and whether  you then roll you feet inwards (pronation) or outwards (supination) when pushing off the ground while walking. This is important to know as during running these motions are exacerbated with the force you are creating to move your body faster. If these issues are ignored and you do not buy the correct footwear you will but stress and strain on specific points of your body and end up injured. The people at Sweatshop know what they are doing so listen to them! They have specially trained women who can measure and fit you for a properly  supporting bra, which is incredibly important considering boobs do a a whole figure of eight if left unrestrained!

Just to drive the point home… this is exactly what happens if you run unsupported and you can only imagine what the result would be if you did it every time you ran….

Check out UnderCover Lingerista’s amazing blog post on sports bras for more advice:



Right, back to running…..

Do you remember when you were a kid how good it felt to run? It felt completely exhilarating and natural.


But running can seem daunting for those who have yet to get on the band wagon. Even now I’m still intimidated by those people in the park who seem to be able to run past me at complete ease while i’m struggling away. But the truth is you are only competing against yourself, and if you set yourself a task to complete you can focus on that instead of concentrating on what other people are doing.


Running is all about time and distance, pick which one you want to focus on and set yourself a goal for todays run. Either way you are going to need to record your run on a stop-watch/running watch/phone app/watch to know what you have achieve and what you need to beat the next day. For beginners the best way to get started is to run for 1 minute and then walk for 1 minute and repeat for 10-20mins. Do this for a couple of sessions and then gradually start increasing the time that you run for while slowly decreasing the time that you walk for.


It will be tough, but I promise it will be worth it as running is a type of cardio exercise which needs the entire body to move unlike cycling which only uses the legs. This means your whole body is exercising and you will get toned all over!

Another good thing about running is that you can start straight away once you have your trainers and bra, no need for fancy equipment or specialist clothes to start with and you can do it anywhere in the world Plus there are loads of good running apps available to help you. These are some of my favourites:

Nike+ Running – Tracks your runs through a chip in your Nike trainers through which you can compare your past runs and even other peoples runs who have done the same route.

Tempo Run – Set your running to the beat of your music through your phone.

Runners Log – Tracks all routes and logs time, distance and pace. Excellent stats allow you to monitor progress which is perfect if you are training for an event.

Strava – The ultimate motivator, a GPS app which encourages the community to upload routes and to beat each others times.

Now just get out there and start running…..



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