Exercise / Fashion

Run The Night


Take one giant leap with your training and take advantage of the Galactic Trend. There’s nothing like new trainers or workout gear to get you motivated to exercise and now that winter has arrived and the nights are drawing its important to stay inspired in order to keep exercising when its cold and dark. Make sure you shine like a star and that you are seen while running outside in the dark, Hi-Vis is in and is remarkably flattering. Wrap up warm and wear clothes that are easy to move in, Lucas Hugh luxury sportswear is incredibly flattering and allows you to feel like a star trooper while running, while Nike’s new wrist band tracker keeps track of all your exercise so you can stay on top of your training.


Winter is the toughest season to keep on track with your exercise so make sure you lay the foundations now so you keep going right through to spring.


Left to right from the top: Lucas Hugh Dejah plum sports bra £105. Lucas Hugh Black Dial sports bra £85. Sweaty Betty Aurora Vest £34. Nike Capri leggings £50. Lorna Jane Towel £19. Nike Pro Sports bra £22. Lucas Hugh Crimson Aelita leggings £225. Nike+Fuel band SE £129. Nike Pro Hyperwarm top £80. Nike Pro Shield Flash running jacket £240. Nike Zoom+ trainers £100. Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity run tights £85.


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