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Christmas Party Pretox


There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling come January when your jeans are wayyy too tight and you step on the scales and realise that you over did it…a lot. But christmas time is always a time of excess. Eating too much, drinking too much and not exercising enough. So this year I propose that you can carry on doing everything you usually do but with a little preparation first to avoid that sinking feeling when the season is over.


We have 6 weeks until Christmas day, and about 4 weeks until the Christmas partying really begins. Thats 4 weeks to get into shape and start eating right so that when you do eat badly, and drink too much, your body is more efficient at getting rid of it. Incase you need any extra motivation have a watch of the M&S advert with Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley looking very festive on a magic carpet.

rosie in ms ad

So…. we’re going to do the two pronged attack. Exercise and Diet.



If you are not currently a fan of exercise you need to start liking it pronto, as working up a sweat is one of the key ways to expel all those toxins that you put in your body at the christmas party. The plan is to do 4 weeks of fat burning exercise 3 times a week which will:

  • Stoke up your metabolism
  • Trim off some fat BEFORE the festivities begin
  • Tone your body

What will you do?

When =3 x days a week

What= Between 30-60mins of cardio exercise

The goal is to do 3 days per week of cardio exercise for at least 30 mins. This can be running, walking, jogging, cycling, cross training, a cardio gym class, anything you like really.

The only condition is you MUST be working up a sweat and you MUST be out of breath otherwise you will not see results.You know the people at the gym who read a magazine on the cross trainer not looking tired at all? You do not want to be this person! How out of breath and how intensely you workout is up to you but you need to maintain the intensity for at least 30mins so don’t over do it at the start. Obviously if you are not used to exercise your effort will be less than some body who trains regularly but it is all relevant because everybody will be sweating and out of breath.



I do not condone extreme fad diets but I do believe that most people have some bad things in their diets that if they cut out of your diets completely your body would be very thankful. I’m talking fizzy drinks (full fat or diet), sweets, bad quality chocolate, (Cadburys etc.), crisps, coffee drinks full of sugar (caramel macchiato etc) and junk food. These foods should only be eaten as treats occasionally but for these 4 weeks you cannot touch them. On Christmas day there will probably be an abundance of chocolate which you can enjoy in the knowledge that for a month before you abstained. And a few other things which you need to follow:

  • Eating 5 portions of Fruit and Veg a day is a must!
  • No bulky carbohydrates after 5pm – no pasta, bread, potatoes. Replace which a big portion of vegetable and protein such as fish, chicken or tofu.
  • Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day.
  • Drinking lots of herbal tea and water
  • Limiting coffee consumption to 1 cup a day

A few other suggestions which you can follow depending on how good you want to look:

  • No Alcohol
  • No refined carbohydrates at all- white bread, white pasta, white rice. Eat grains such as quinoa and pearl barley instead but in moderation.
  • No processed sugar

If you eat and exercise like this for a month not only will you notice a change in your body but also….

  • You skin will start to glow and spots will clear
  • You will generally have more energy
  • Your digestive systems will be less sluggish and be able to handle a bit of excess
  • Your metabolism will be able to deal with the extra calories being consumed come Christmas Day.

4 weeks is not a long time and the sooner you develop a routine the easier it will be. Ideally you should carry on with the routine throughout christmas so that you continue to look amazing into the new year.

Any questions or you need some help or motivation let me know, I will be doing it as well and posting my meals and workouts on instagram so keep following!

Good Luck! x


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